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Paint Trends for 2020

New year, new colors. Paint trends always seem like they are changing, but if it’s been a few years since you last painted your home. A fresh new coat could be something you might want to try. You could be updating your home for your own pleasure or to get the house ready for the market. Either way, here are some 2020 paint trends and where you can use them.


The most popular paint colors for this year are inspired by nature. With today's technological advances, people tend to stay indoors more often than not.With this year’s paint trends, it seems like the trend wants us to get back to the nature side of things. Here are some of the most widely used greens you’ll find in 2020:

Mint green is an excellent shade for tight spaces, like your bathrooms, and goes well with white.

Moss green creates a calming environment, perfect for bedrooms.

Sage green creates life for any interior area.

Soft Earth Tones:

Painting any wall in a neutral color will instantly add warmth to your home plus keep your house on the trending side. Here are some neutral safe colors you can use this year:

Hazelnut Brown is a perfect color you can use in any room.

Mushroom Grey is a warm but soft shade that can be put with any neutral colored rooms like kitchens, hallways or where ever your heart desires.

Cider Brown is perfect if you are looking to keep that autumn feel with a warm orange look. It is perfect for bedrooms, entry ways and bathrooms.

Shades of Blue:

If you ever dreamed of living by the sea or living up with the clouds. Try these shades of blue that are inspired by the sea and sky.

Blue-Grey is a color that can create soothing feel to any room, especially in a bedroom or bathroom.

Icy Blue is perfect if you want to brighten up any small space.

Navy Blue works wonders in any large room in the house.

Bright & Colorful Culinary-Inspired Hues:

It seems that the earthy tones are never going to go out of style, but you want to use something that is bold and bright. These next few colors might "spice" things up a bit.

Turmericorange is something to give whatever you are painting, a tropical feeling which is perfect for outdoor spaces.

Cayenne red is a powerful color that will get your guests talking about it. Use it in your kitchen, dining room or living room.

Mustard Yellow can seem to energize a room. Try it on an accent wall for a tremendous look.

Now, you don’t have to paint the entire house or the whole room for that matter. You can simply use these colors in small pieces, like painting an accent wall, changing the color of a door. You can even update those kitchen cabinets you've been planning on doing for a while now. These aren't the only trends that change, window treatments also change trends. Get in contact with one of our designers to help you plan your next trendy project.

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