This Premium waterborne 100% acrylic/ceramic reinforced interior finish incorporates the latest in coating technology today. Its unique formulation provides exceptional hiding power along with outstanding product attributes. The ceramic additive provides additional stain resisitance, duability, and washability that separates this finish from standard acrylic paint. Ease of application, featuring anti-splatter additives sets the standard for flow, leveling and adhesion. It provides excellent color retention, non-yellowing film and moisture resistance, thus making it the ideal coating for any room in the home, office or commercial building.

Epic Waterborne Ceramic

  • Sheen Levels

    Matte, Eggshell, Satin, Semi Gloss


    5 Gal, 1 Gal and Quart.

    Recommended Use

    Use on all interior new or previously painted surfaces, such as wood, brick, stone, concrete, cement block, plaster, wallboard and other drywall construction as well as metal.

    Clean Up

    Soap and Water