This special wood primer is designed to be used under white and light solid colored stains to inhibit extractive bleeding and provide a long-lasting finish. This neutralizes and helps eliminate the natural tannin or sugar staining and discoloration produced by bare woods such as red cedar, redwood, fir, pine, or white cedar, and seals the wood for uniformity of the finish. This primer has excellent adhesion to wood surfaces and is highly resistant to peeling. The unique breathable formulation also helps to diminish the surface rusting of uncoated nails.

Storm Category 5 Primer

  • Category 5 features the primers of the Storm System. These amazing products are invaluable when either the surface that is to be refinished is in extremely weathered, distressed condition, or if the surface is going to be exposed to extreme weather or high traffic and wear. Using one of these unsurpassed, best-in-class primers will make the long-lasting finishes of the Storm System last even longer. After applying a Category 5 primer, choose a finish from Category 4 for a look and longevity that is second to none.